Stop The Silence

Stop the Silence® is a Department of the Institute on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma (IVAT), and has a mission to prevent, expose, and stop child sexual abuse (CSA) and help survivors worldwide. Thanks to the efforts of experts, healers, and survivors and their supporters around the globe, we’re preventing CSA and promoting healing of victims and survivors, celebrating the lives of those healed, and underscoring CSA as social justice and civil rights issues. This brave collaboration brings together real stories and powerful tools from practitioners and survivors who have been on the front lines of the fight for justice and healing. Together, we’re normalizing the conversations around CSA; bringing awareness, training, and education to communities; changing norms; and empowering victims, survivors, and their families and other

Stories of Roaring Faith

Stories of Roaring Faith Volume 5 is a book overflowing with testimonies of God’s goodness and acts of rescue from the direst situations. The contributors’ transparent accounts walk hand-in- hand with Roaring Lambs’ mission to change the culture for Christ by inspiring, equipping, and sending God’s bold witnesses into the world. Souls are won by helping believers share Christ against the backdrop of their own life experiences. This ministry provides opportunities through luncheons, workshops, conferences, and Bible studies and continues to expand its outreach with various communities across the country.