Did you know that in the USA, approximately 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday?

That is way too many!

All children have a right to be free from any kind of abuse!!

Our mission is to build communities of adults watching out for children! We bring education, to every youth serving professionals, child advocates, parents, and communities, by providing training, tools and resources, in a 2 hour class, to become educated about child sex abuse (csa) prevention.

By educating adults, we empower children with the skills to fight back and or tell if the need arises. Only when we change the rules, systems, structures, and the way we talk about csa, can the potential of every child be realized.

The only way we can eliminate child sexual abuse is by making Prevention a Priority!

It’s the secret that keeps the abuse going! Let’s Stop the secret!

We encourage communities, including, but not limited to schools, day care centers, youth centers, churches, etc. to contact us and sign up for a class on how to be aware, pro-active and challenge everyone to openly talk about the risks and prevention’s with your children.

When people have the training and knowledge about child sexual abuse, and when we all are empowered to overcome the fear, denial, stigma, and obstacles around standing up for children on this subject…I know we all will choose to do the right thing, for all children!

Everyone can be an advocate for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention!

  Contact me about Private Training Classes and/or Speaking Engagements.                     I am available for in-person or via Zoom.

            Are You Ready to Start Helping to Build Communities of Adults Who             Are Watching Out For All Children?

Together, we can make a difference!